Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The challenge painting .....

What a coincidence that JJ painted a waterfall and so did I ......
My painting is from a photograph that I took at the Glenariffe waterfalls ......I love that place ..... it is absolutely magical ....It's a pity I can't seem to catch some of that magic in my painting as that was what I wanted to do ....but it's not finished yet ....maybe the magic will come yet!! .....
This one is big 30" X 40" acrylic on canvas .....


  1. Anne this is looking gorgeous. I am glad you incorporated all those colours into the rocks, the look wonderful..

    The water.. I know, the reference shows the white water as horizontal, but in the painting, you really need to make them vertical. Folks haven't been there, they haven't and shouldn't seen the reference photo, and you will be told it is reading wrong again.

    Personally, I like it. :)

    My favourite part, is the way you painted the rock edge at the top. I get a wonderful sense of hight, that is a long long way up there, and I am almost getting vertigo. I wish I could see this in person..

    I think your painting is magical, and I hope you paint this again..

  2. Perspective must be spot on for a painting like this to give the viewer the depth of it. Good job with it. Painting big is so much more fun, eh.

  3. Thanks JJ and Andy .....JJ ...which part of the white water are you talking about?

  4. In the front, the flowing water..

  5. Love it, Anne!

    I like the foliage and the light on the river bank, very done very well, Anne! ;)

  6. Anne, I really do get the impression of falling water and misted ferns clinging to the rocks. Well done.


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