Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My monochromatic painting ....

This one is also in Ult Marine Blue and white and is also M Graham acrylics .... about 5" X 6"


  1. Anne this is quite beautiful. I love the misty background, the water looks wonderful. Well done you!!!!

  2. Anne is surging ahead in the race to brecome an accomplished artist.

    I love your rocks. I would liked to have seen some white along the edges of the rocks where the water hits them. That's the best nit I could think of.

    I'm putting this one as wallpaper on desktop for a day or two to absorb it some. Nice work Anne.

  3. Love the water in the foreground Anne, it looks like moonlight shinning on the surface and the misty mountains are wonderful, very nicely painted...very well done!! ;)

    I love painting monos, they always seem to create a lovely feeling of atmosphere.
    My painting is still being created and I'll post it as soon as it's finished. ;)

  4. Gee ....thanks all ....Mackb ....I'm well chuffed that you are putting it as wallpaper on your desktop!!
    I see this scene most days when I am on the beach .....

  5. Chuffed?? You are that close to the beach? I am bright green with envy, sighhh. I grew up on the ocean in Nova Scotia and still miss it 30 years later.

    The mood you set with this is enchanting. Your range of blue is perfect and fades nicely into the mist. Perfect.

  6. Chuffed is a British word meaning delighted.
    I live about 1 mile from the beach but I go walking there most days .... it is very relaxing and energising ......


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