Wednesday, May 20, 2009


This is a blue-black and white, 8X10" acrylic on canvas. I showed it to my wife today as I finished it and she hated it so much, she took it to her office tonite to hang. Now I am current agian. Next? :-}


  1. Very nice Bruce!!

    You do however have mostly light tones and midtones. next time add more darks and you will take it up a notch!!!!

  2. that means she loved it ....right?
    It is beautiful Bruce.....very delicate ....I agree with JJ ....a few more darks would make all the difference.....Great work!

  3. JJ, you are right (ouch that hurt). I was in a rush to finish it and go get my kids so I didn't finish properly. I like doing this one, it was realatively simple and I happened to have b&w shot of this handy, used for researh on another project.


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