Sunday, April 26, 2009

Well here I go. This is a painting of a very small bit of my local paperbark swamp (lagoon, small lake, big pond) in Priests Gully where I walk frequently, particularly early morning and late afternoon - chasing the light. The watercolour depicts early morning light (6 am). I have included 3 photos for the non-Oz people to give you some idea of these beautiful swamps. The water is vey dark - mud sometimes but also full of tannins, and hence gives wonderful reflections. Photos first, then the painting, watercolour 25 x 35 cms.


  1. Very Nice Colleen. I say it needs a few more darks to give it more range, but a georgous painting none the less.

    What a beautiful place to walk about. it must be full of bugs tho. I love water anywhere. (except in my basement)

  2. Very nice Colleen. Great to see you are painting my friend. I love your photo's too, they are all paintings waiting to happen.

    I really like your high key painting. If you wanted to change the mood of it, you could add deeper shadow areas.

    Good to see you getting those brushes wet.

  3. Hi Colleen and welcome back! ....any photographs to share with us? I hope you had a good time!
    Lovely painting and wonderful reflections!

  4. Nice work on this Colleen, love the looseness.

    I'm a little bothered by the bluish/gray colour that is at the top right hand area, cutting through the trees...I'm not sure what it is?

  5. Thank you all for your encouragment. Ree, I think you mean the waterlily leaves in the background. All the "trees" in the painting are only reflections (of trees) in the lagoon. The waterlillies are the only things above water. Hence the upside-down foliage in the foreground


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