Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Three in a row................................

12"x 4" double thickness gallery wrap.


  1. OK JJ, now ya talking, two with attitude and one nonchalant!! hehe!

  2. oh n o, middle guy is falling off...nice series ya got going. Don't forget to phot them..

  3. Don't forget to phot them..

    Huh? Bruce? English man, I don't understand. :-)

  4. Opps, I did a JJ, I didn't review my post for spelling, sorry.

    I meant, don't forget to photograph them.

  5. I love them JJ ....I hope they are big sellers for you!!

  6. Thanks Anne.

    Bruce, you goose, I always proof read several times before posting.. ;-)))

    I have a few more of these little guys in the works. With Mothers day just around the corner, I expect to have a lot of sales. I sell the ones I paint on site as quick as I paint them, which is fun.


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