Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sketches 15.03.09

I did a couple of sketches while I was sitting in my stal at he market. One is of one of the gum trees across the road, the other of the garbage bin at another stall across from me..


  1. Good to see you kept yourself busy JJ .....I never thought I'd ever say this but nice bin!

  2. Great sketches JJ, you have improved outta sight!!

    Good form, still need to work on the values though
    Love the reflective light on the centre branch and the trunk looks rounded too!

    The bin really looks like a bin, add some more values as it's a little've done well on both these sketches JJ ;)

  3. i really like the tree. your gums are so pretty!

  4. Thank you Mimi. :-)) Yes we do have some beautiful varieties of gums here, there are a couple thousand I think, all wonderful in their own right. When I went to the Blue Mountains to stay with Ree the first time, we went to Katoomba to see the flora and fauna. You look down into the Jameson valley and their is a blue haze, which is the vapours coming off the gum trees. Just beautiful and how the mountains got their name.


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