Saturday, March 14, 2009

Bob the Snow Blower

Tweaked painting. The Final.

This si what i was working on this week for my neighbour Bob, who cleaned my driveway all winter becasue I was unable to. I posted this on WC but I wasn't sure if all of you are on the site.

Edited by JJ

Here is the adjusted painting I did..


  1. This is the critique I put on wc. I put a photo-shopped picture there as well. Add some shadows to the door frames and windows - use blue not grey. There is only varying shades of blue in the shadows in and around around snow, usually, as the sky is reflected in them. If the sky is grey, use your artist imagination. Get rid of the grey..

    You could maker that pink house white too, I was going to but my shoulder got too sore. Use your blues to pump up the shadows around the insides of the door frames. Paint the glass in the windows blue (reflecting the blue sky) then a little blued dowry white for glint to show it is glass. See the shadow from the porch railings on the house? Darken the shadow on the gate.

    Get rid of the grey paint in varying shades of blue, and you will take your painting up a notch.

    I am glad you posted it here, we usually post all out paintigns here first, then on wc if we feel like it. Not all of us are active posters on wc. I know Ree doesn't post anymore.

  2. Can I add my photo-shopped version to your original post please?

  3. certainly, why wouldn't you? And I posted an updated version on WC for you to see.

  4. It is a pity that your photo is dark, but I can see what you have done, and I like it a lot. Have you shown him yet??

    btw, I looked for your updated version on wc and couldn't find it?


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