Saturday, March 28, 2009

Playing with shapes and colour.

I didn't feel much like painting today, yet again. I am fighting to stay awake and it is so hard. I am wonder if it has something to do with the red meat I ate a couple of nights ago, on top of the Sunday Market thing. I am trying hard to overcome it, as I hate being like this I really do.

Anyway I painted these, just playing, and I want your opinions and critiques. There is plenty to critique here ;-)) Even though I may prickle when I read the critiques, we all do, it is a natural reaction, I do take notice, and I do go look at my painting to see how I can improve it with your suggestions.
Tali gave me the idea by the way, for this, with her thread Local Colour in the Open Critique Forum. I am going to buy some blocks and paint them tomorrow.. These are just drawn from looking at some books I have, and making them up myself..
10"x12" acrylic


  1. Yeah, I was considering Tali's efforts as well as similar posts a few months ago. I will do the same. You can make your own set wtih paper adn paint too if need be.

    AS to your painting, I assume it's an abstract, becasue now what colour the object is, it doesn't throw a shadow of the same colour. Shadows are always shades of gray.

    Also, in both pics your shadows are going in different directions. The first had the rectangles with shadows to the right and the cone more like sse, or pointing to about 4 o'clock.

    In the second, it is worse. The cone and blue block are casting shadows to about 4:30 while the ball and blue block are casting shadows to about 3 o'clock.

    Rookie mistake, you should know better girl... :-p lol

  2. Damned shadows!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Arrrrrrrrrrrrrgh ;-)))

    Yup they are abstract, that is my story and I am sticking to it. As for shadows being shades of grey, you are not quite right there. Shadows have a myriad of colours in them, Reflected Light and colour from the objects surrounding them, and the surface they are sitting on. When I am feeling more like my old self I will do a shadows tutorial. Good practice for me and maybe a little learning for you..

    Here is some reading.

  3. Yes I know a bit about shadows, but this will be helpful and thanks for the links. I'll check it out. I look forward to your tutorials. The best way to to learn is to teach.

  4. Absolutely, I wholeheartedly agree. I have learnt more by teaching than I did just studying books and the web..

    This is why we should ALL look at each others work closely and critique it in full. That in itself teaches us to look more closely and it is a wonderful learning tool, free too!!! ;-))

  5. Well said....(adding in a wisper, "for once")
    kekeeekeeekeee, rotflol....

    Yes folks we're back to this nonsense. I am nervous and silly today.

    I am sitting here trying to typw up 4,100 words of articlea and an editorial that make sense. I have to have two article sent out tommorrow and interviews to do before I go under the knife.

    Plus my wife is out driving in a bloddy blizzard (it's supposed to spring @#$%@^&) getting groceries while I "watch the kids." They are currently in a bedroom behind a gate tearing said room apart.

    Enough crying form me, off to work.

  6. I hope your day got better!!!!!!!!!

  7. It's amazing how something so simple can be made to look beautiful JJ ....lovely work ....
    Good Luck Bruce!! .....we'll be thinking about you and praying for you ....XX

  8. Thanks Anne... why don't you try it. Pop on down to the stores and buy some polystyrene balls cones and the craft section for balsa wood blocks. too easy ;-))


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