Friday, March 27, 2009

Mike and Jesse's Fav Shirt Game

This is what I've been up to mostly this week, trying to get it done before I go to the hospital. Acrylic on wood, 6X9".
I have a few more tweaks on the face and hands but it's close enough to show you. This is only my 3rd portrait, second in B&W. The next will be a larger canvas with the combo of my dad and I (scroll down the page) along with my boys, called a firm foundation, with my dad in the middle.


  1. They are adorable.

    So look at the little ones fingers on the right? They need work to make them look realisitc.

    Thicken his upper arm on his left as we are looking at it.

    You need to work on your value. Did you ever make a greyscale tool? If not do so. Use that tool to check your values in your reference and on your painting. Your darks are not deep enough and your lights not light enough.

  2. hmmmm, suspicions confirmed about my values. thanks JJ. I worked form a blurry pic but had others to get the faces right. Good call.

    I guess you and I are in trouble with some of the others for yakking too much eh? I will be gone for a least a week starting on Tuesday, so you all will have a break from me.

  3. Mimi is the only person who has mentioned it, and honestly there is no problem. I guess she is just busy and flustered at present.

    This blog has no rules. I started it originally for Anne, Ree and I to encourage each other, and to boost each others confidence. We were all having trouble getting a painting finished at the time, and we were emailing each other our work. The blog seemed an easier way to post our work for commenting on. We all like to chat a little, have fun, and let loose. That is what gets our creative juices going. There will be no changes happening here, you keep doing what you do my friend. Don't make me come over there!!!!!! If someone wants critiques only, then there is WC and the Critique centre.

  4. Ok, thanks for that. I feel better. Like I've said before, I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. I just want to become a better painter and learn how to give the world great art.

  5. Well that is good. This is a happy art room. I want to become a better painter too, I will always be learning, always changing too. I love that, that I am not stagnant in my style and technique. I would be if it weren't for you guys showing me other ways to do things and having fun doing it too!!!


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