Saturday, March 7, 2009

I Can't Help Myself

Veggie-Fruit Juice 2.0

One week ladies (Fri Mar 13), one week Bruce, sighhh. I thot I'd had enough of this but this one compelled me so much because it is difficult. I have been treatened with death, disowning and violence if I posted anymore fruit or tomats. So, I apologize right now.

There, that said, this is a great challenge as this is almost backlit and the background is interesting, This will not be a slap-dash kind of painting, but one you will have to apply yourself to.

Do you still want me in your group now???????


  1. Whose big idea was it to invite this Mackb chap into our little group? He is trying to torture us with his challenges and this is one big challenge ....

  2. aaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What part of NO fruit and vegetables did you not understand? Sheesh Bruce!!!!! :-P

    Well the glass is challenging. (Girls I promise what have in mind for the next challenge is going to excite you and NO fruit) rotflol

    Bruce this is pretty easy in oils or acrylics, but in watercolour it is going to be a challenge..

    Just remember folks paint what you see, the shapes, not the object. Turn the reference and your panting upside down and just paint those shapes and you will be surprised at the lovely painting your produce. Remember also, you can crop the image, you don't have to paint it exactly as shown. You just paint your own interpretation of it, what appeals to you..

    I think I just might HAVE to winter in QC now, just to be able to go sort you out Mr Bruce.. hahahahahaha

  3. Bruce, I am very tempted to give you yet another blue tomato. And I warn you that I have taken JJ's words to heart - quote "you don't have to paint it exactly as shown"

  4. if i do this, it will be under protest. It's almost all black and not much of a composition. JJ's right, this is not much fun for a watercolor painter.

  5. You can change the colour scheme Mimi, you can change anything. It is a reference only. It will be a big challenge and I will give it a go in watercolour as well as acrylic ;-))

  6. Ok, I feel really bad now and I will dig out a different pic to post siince this si too hard. A watercolourist in our art club does glass so well, it just makes me cry she is so ggod. But I will change it.

  7. Well we have a choice now. Cool. I am going to give this one a go btw!!

  8. I thought teh composition was great with lots of contrast between light and dark and in colours as well as the transparency of the glass. I have see watercoulour paintings that make glass spectacular.

  9. I will paint it in watercolour sometime this week if I can. I hope Sandy paints it too, she is better than me..


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