Saturday, March 7, 2009

Bruces Still life with Cucumber....

Ok, I spent 2 hours on this tonight, but I can't finish it, I need to get to bed. It is midnight, I have to get up at 5.00am to go to the Creative markets to set up my stall.
5"x7" acrylic on canvas board


  1. IT's aaawwwesome JJ!!!

    Your cucumber really stands out, just needs a few more highlights and it's done!!! A great painting...well done g/f!!

  2. My thoughts entirely ....the cucumber really stands out!
    Good Luck for tomorrow JJ!!

  3. Not too bad JJ, a little flat overall, with stylized items. It needs more dpth in colours and ocntrast in tones overall, but nice. A better pepper than I did. What's the red stripe on the green pepper?

  4. Bruce, that green pepper is ripening and turning red. well it was my idea, to break up all that green. Doesn't it work?

    I will finish it off tomorrow, put in the highlights and shadows and take another photo. I am going to paint it again bigger for the markets next sunday, I have probably got it sold already..


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