Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sketches - Tomatoes

I have a small demo to do for someone on WC do do with tomatoes red and yellow. I have been sketching tomatoes as a pre painting exercise. I scanned them and the values are out of whack a little of well, this is only to show you I am indeed drawing, and to prompt you guys to do a drawing for this week and post it. Come on it is easy!! :-p


  1. Hey JJ were you feeling peckish when drew these! lol
    The last drawing look like doughnuts, maybe 'Crispy Creams' LOL...don't hit me!!! OUCH!

  2. That looks like a spider on the two top tomatoes but then that bit of the tomatoe does look like a spider anyway IRL please don'r punch me JJ!!!!!
    Doesn't a spider have 8 legs?

  3. punch-punch-punch!!!!!!! I have ree on the phone in my ear right now going on about my 6 legged spiders rotflol.

    And my donuts!! Just as well they are not meant to be good sketches, and I am sure as hell not showing them to Mack now rotflol..

  4. JJ they are great sketches ....I think if you dulled down the "spiders" a bit in the top 2 pics it would help ....but they both do look like tomatoes .....
    In the bottom pic the tomatoe on the left with the (not so obvious)spider on it looks like a tomatoe. The right one and the back one could be either apples or tomatoes depending on whick way you look at them
    I'm getting very brave aren't I? .......;)

  5. You are doing very well, I am impressed!!!!! Keep it up.

  6. My favorite is the very top tomato.
    it is apparent that the first two are the yellows and the last 3 are the reds, but the 3 reds don't seem to have e nough contrast, perhaps they are over ripe and that's what they look like?

  7. The top tomato (with spider...ducking low here)looks the best to me ..better shape and better values...also with this one the surface is like a tomato...smooth and shiny

  8. Thank you ladies!!!!!

    One thing I learnt here, is not to draw with my book flat, it messes with the perspective, even in a lowly tomato..:)

    So how about you guys having a go at drawing a tomato, you can surely do better than I have done, I know it!!! :-)


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