Thursday, February 19, 2009

One of these days these boots ......

I started painting my walking boots last night. I used a grid to help me draw them out. As this is obviously a WIP I would appreciate any advice at this stage and I would also like some suggestions as to what I could call this painting .... a title that would give the viewer something to think about .....


  1. You probably have gone to painting group now, and I hope they gave you some hands on advice. The first thing that hit me is, why have you got your foreground dark and your background light, adn what is the "ground" water? Just asking not a critique.

    Keep adding your values and building your colour up in glazes and these boots will look beautiful bad rich in colour. Alternate yellow ochre with BS + a touch of UB to dull it a little..

    Your drawing is excellent for hand drawn and I am very proud of you!!!!! Gridding is the way to go, and I do that on some subjects. I gridded my Elliot Bay in USA. I freehanded this lasted one Brisbane Cityscape. (it is still wet) :-(

    Take a photo of your setup of the boots. Get a torch or some sort of light and table lamp anything kid of lamp and set it up from the left corner or the right corner to give you some good shadows to work with and take the photo! Still life is a terrific exercise, but we still need photographic backup!

    Good Luck today!!

    UB= Ultra Blue or French Ultramarine Blue

    BS = Burnt Sienna.

  2. Thanks JJ what would you suggest I do for the foreground and background? I suppose I was thinking of the foreground being grassy and the background being sky in the distance but I am open to suggestions ......

  3. I wouldn't mess with too much of a background the boots are the focus. I don't think they need grassy at all. Did you see those boots in the OC forum?

    I would sit these boots on some rocks! Maybe casueway rocks..

  4. Causeway rocks sounds like a great idea JJ .....although the viewer will wonder where the owner went and did he/she jump into the water?!?!
    The laces are actually dark so if I painted the boots on a rock I could then darken the laces .....

  5. OH! I love boot paintings, Anne!
    Nice work on the drawing too...also I agree, the background and foreground could more interesting without the green and blue! ;)

    Look forward to see the end result. ;)

  6. This is a nice painting, but i wonder why the inside of the boots are so light. it's like there's a light source in there. shadows, please?

  7. Mimi she is still working on them inside of boots not painted here..


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