Sunday, January 18, 2009

Snow landscapes

The first painting, after I took the photo, I put the snow back into the middle of the road, I like it better, I will see tomorrow, if it stays. Not much more to do to this one. When it is dry, I want to add the white snow highlights is all I think.

The second painting, the vegetation is showing a darker than in person, but it is close. The snow is reading correctly. I have been working on it every day. I am mixing my oil paints with liquin now to get them the constituency I want, and I sit the paintings in from of my fan every night to dry. They do dry over night, enough for me to work on the next day. I have the fences on either side of the track to paint in still on this one


  1. First painting...Think the sky is a little dark near the horizon and the distant hills needs more shadow...I like the road and the snow in the middle...looking good so far ;)

  2. Oops...posted it before I critiqued the second painting lol

    Second painting...It's a little blotchy probably due to the still wet paint, so it's hard to see properly...the sky looks a little dark at the horizon line is all I can see that needs tweaking more...looking good though ;)

  3. JJ I love the second painting ....the snow looks so real ....well done!

  4. I like the second painting best ...the compositon is better...not so central. In the first one every thing is divided pretty well equally.
    The only thing I would do in the second one is add some colour variation in the brown bushes....otherwise ...looks great!

  5. Thanks guys. The second one isn't finished yet. It is dry enough to work on today, yippee. I want to get those fence posts in..

    I was hoping for a better crit, Sandy on the first one ;-) I know you are busy though so that is ok. I was wondering if the foreground was too bland?


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