Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Giants Causeway

This is a small painting .... 5" X 6" ....I was trying it out hoping to do a bigger version soon. I had done this one before size 16" X 20" but I could not get the landscape to look right. I seem to be having the same problems with the smaller version. I need to learn how to paint grass ......
I can never get the green right ........ someone told me hookers green was the best out of a tube but I didn't have any so I mixed my own with ultramarine blue and cad yellow ....
I have to do 2 or 3 small paintings for my friend's B&B which will be getting busy, hopefully, by Easter. She had already sold some of my paintings and prints so fingers crossed for this year .....


  1. The sea looks really great Anne! The grass on the cliffs just needs some variation in the greens ...some darker and lighter greens.

  2. Thanks Sandy ....I will have another go at it!

  3. Anne, I agree with Sandy, the values are all the same, tends to make the painting flat...needs same variety to give the grass more depth.
    Lots of variety in the water, though...love the white water area...well done on that, Anne!!

  4. I am with Sandy, tyhe sea is awesome.

    The grasses just need to be varied in colour like Sandy says. I hate tube green, I mix muy own. Try ultramarine blue and raw sienna for a more believable colour. Lighter on top darker further down the cliff.. Add touch of burnt sienna in there too for variation.

    Have a play on paper with grass colours, make your brush-strokes smooth, you wont see blades of grass at that distance. I like the grass on the lower right, I would add darker areas to the midground for a start.

    That "path" at the top. You need to vay the values there too. Do you understand what values are? If you are unsure, make yourself a values chart. Mix up a black with Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Sienna. draw 10 1 inch squares. Leave the first one white. Now you can start either end, Paint One square pure black. Then lighten it a little and paint the next square, keep doing this right to the other end. You will have a values chart like the one I am going to post up there. Use this as your tool, and I can then help you by saying you should lighten/darken to such and such a value.

    Good luck on your sales in your friends B&B. If you paint for yourself, and not for sale, you will be happier with your work.


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