Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Pencil sketch on paper. I have started the painting, on a 5"x7" canvas board. I messed up the head of the bed, had to scrape off the paint, seeing as I tried to fix it by over-painting it. White on black!! Needed a lot of white paint.. I will have another go at it tomorrow. The drawing took me quite awhile to do, the perspective is a bitch..

This is my bed..


  1. JJ I really like your drawing..I think you have handled the perspective very well indeed.Looking forward to seeing the painting.

  2. Looks good JJ ....very inviting!

  3. Anne it is not the greatest bed. Only a double too, not much room for me and 5 cats.

    Sandy thanks. It isn't perfect by a long shot, but I felt it was time to practice perspective. It takes me forever still to make a drawing, but it is rewarding if the drawing takes some resemblance to the subject.

    I will finish the painting today, as well as paint todays one. The kids can have studio time after lunch.

  4. The perspective look fine to me JJ ;)I think, painting the folds in the bedspread will be the challenge, hey!

  5. Well not really Ree. I turn the painting and the reference picture upside down, and just paint the shapes. Turn it back the right way, and wallah .. folds in the sheets. The trick is to get the values right..

    I will let you into a little secret. That isn't my bedspread, but my sheet. The bedspread was in the clothes dryer at the time I took the photo.. That is the challenge, painting all those same colour values. My sheets are cream-ish my walls are the same colour.. I am making the walls darker in the painting.. I am enjoying this painting, and I am going to paint a bigger one, when I have finished, it really appeals to me.. See how little sketches and practice painting can inspire one. A friend told me that, and I kick myself for taking so long to implement it.


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