Monday, January 5, 2009


I had actually started this before today..but it had a long way to go. So, because I didn't want to waste the beginnings and because it still fitted the criteria of small paintings ..I decided to finish it and use it.
Acrylic on gallery wrapp ed canvas ..6" x 8"
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  1. I like this Sandy, nice palette. I'm a little bothered by the shadow at the base...are you still working on it?

  2. Hi Ree! Actually it bothers me too...perhaps it doesn't sit in the right spot ..should be more under the pepper and colour not right...what would you suggest? I can easily keep at it!

  3. I think I would go darker closest to the pepper then lighter towards the outer edge, with the colour of the pepper reflecting in the outer area but that's only my opinion ;)

  4. Well I would never have noticed the shadow until it was mentioned ....just shows you how little I know about art! I just thought ...What a lovely healthy looking pepper!

  5. Hi Sandy. Is this capsicum back lit? If so I am confused by the white highlights in the front. Maybe it is reflected light? From the surface it is sitting on?

    Maybe the shadow could be a little bigger, but it definitely should be darker next to the source, and warmer, lighter and cooler as it moves away from the object..

    I love the red, what did you use? Did you a yellow under painting? The glow is lovely. I love the stem..

  6. Thanks folks! I will work a bit more on the shadow.
    JJ the light is actually coming from the top...the glow is reflected colour from the background.
    Colours are Jo Sonja's Turners yellow, Napthol crimson and vermillion.


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