Friday, August 14, 2009

Daily Drawing Challenges

...are on hold for a bit.

Charity is moving house.

Ree is tied up with her Mum.

Anne is tied up with commissions.




Me? I am sick, still.

How about, everyone doing a drawing a week for the next week. I proper drawing, not a sketch.
Draw anything you wish. A portrait, a still life, fauna, just make it interesting and a complete drawing.

Pay particular attention to your values.

You have a week from today.

Have fun..


  1. Okay with me though I may do more...really need to get back to art after neglecting it for over a week.

    Finished the roofing on my need to paint the outside. This has been a huge undertaking refurbishing the townhouse and what started out as a chore has turned into an enjoyable hobby...Once it is done I will probably keep dreaming up new things to do with it just because of the feeling of accomplishment of tackling all of these jobs has given me.

    My move (same job different place) from the smaller port to the main port (shipping) was very successful and am enjoying the change.

  2. Linda, do more please, if you are up to it do it, it will be to your advantage if do. Post your drawings as you do them I want to see them and you will encourage me to do more I am sure.

    Glad the roof on the town house is finished, that is a huge load off your mind!!


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