Saturday, August 8, 2009

Eclipses are not easy .....

I had painted a Guinness glass + tin whistle earlier in the week so I thought I'd try and do a Guinness glass in pastels and practice my eclipses .....
I will show both ....


  1. I'm thirsty now, Anne. lol I think you're right about your elipses being off, though. Not so much in the first one, but more so in the second.

    ~steps away to grab a drink~ :)

  2. Looks refreshing and the way you did the glass.

  3. I didn't realize both were in the same post. I like the top one a lot also. Great work on the glass in that one also.

  4. I love how you painted the rim in the second one. No, ellipses are not easy, I struggle with them too, all the time. You just have to make your points, or you are going to be flat out getting it right.

    Do a practice on scrap paper, it is important that we learn to get this right, as ellipses are in pretty much everything we paint..

    Go read the link I posted down there, it is a link to the Drawing classes in the d&s forum. Class 4 I think it is Ellipses, draw a slinky..

    It really is work investing some quality time, say half a day, to drawing ellipses, over and over again, work through that class..


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