Friday, August 7, 2009

Something with 2 lines and something I have wanted to draw.

I have decided to just do quick sketches from now on. I was spending too much time trying to get the shading right but all I want from this daily drawing exercise is to help me get the right shape for when I am doing a painting.
I don't want to go the route that Graphite artists go and have to spend 30+ hours on one little drawing. I want to paint. what do you think these are?
Sorry ...the lighting is bad ...I took the pics at night ....


  1. Your pieces are too small for me to see for sure, but right off the ends look off. By ends I mean the lead part, how did you "see" to draw it like that. And is the other end another sharpened lead, or an exacto end? If pencil lead it looks incorrect too. I dont' know what the other thing is.

    I hope you aren't mad at me for speaking bluntly, Anne, because I think you do very nice work. But if you are seriously about wanting to see shapes then I want to tell you what I see. I expect that you will do the same for me, else this is a waste of my time too.

    I agree Anne, to "find" shapes is valuable exercises, and should be the goal.

  2. Hi Anne...I'll guess. I think the top one is a hockey club and the bottom one I am stumped more...a tortillian or whatever they are for blending pastels?

  3. The bottom one is a stump!

    The top one, is it a tooth cleaner/pick/floss thing?

    Sketching is good, as long s you remember to get the perspective right, and the shading right. Whether it be a quick sketch or a 30+ hour drawing, you still need to know what you are doing. :)

  4. If you don't learn the correct shading girlfriend, your shadows in your paintings are always going to be under question.. Just a thought.

  5. The bottom one is a stump and the top one is a bow for playing the fiddle with.
    I will concentrate on "finding the shapes" as Fookie says and that includes the shapes in the shadows ....

  6. OK, I completely missed the fiddle bow.... Sorry. :)


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