Thursday, July 30, 2009

I tried ....

I tried ....I really did but it all went wrong ..... my kitchen roll drawing so I ended up so frustrated that I just drew a pencil ..... shoot me if you want to .....
am I a day late?


  1. ....and I didn't use a ruler to draw the pencil .....obviously!!!! LOL

  2. I already shot myself in that other thread so I won't be shooting anymore anywhere.

    Ya, that's because you gnawed on it and this is "from life" right? Besides that onion is so captivating who notices the details on the pencils.

  3. Good for you Anne, I love your pencil complete with tooth marks on the end.,. :-))

  4. I'm pleased that you did attempt the kitchen paper, Anne! I think it may have been a bit hard, with all the folds. ;)

    Love the pencil!

  5. Is that one of the pencils I gave you?


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