Saturday, July 25, 2009

A bit late (Day 42)

I decided to draw this from the weekly drawing challenge. I'm off on the handle, though. I just couldn't get it right for anything. :( Oh well, I feel I did pretty well even though it took 3 days. ugh!! This is off of a picture, so I wasn't able to get the shadows under it. I think the light is coming from the front, so I'm thinking there wouldn't be much of a shadow, but I could be wrong.. It's happened once before. ;) hehe

Graphite, Canson Drawing paper, 9 x 12...ish. :)


  1. You did wonderfully, and taking your time is essential. Yes the handle is off, I think it is twisted to the left at the bottom?

    That was a tricky reference, challenging, and you did well.

    Drawing is not something we should rush, we need to take out time do do a really good job. This is why I have suggested before that the daily drawing items be small and simple. :)

  2. I hope you guys don't mind, but since I took so much time on it, I'd like to use it as the last 3 days. lol I rarely get time to do the references, so I wanted to take time this time and try one of them. I may try to do one each week, but hopefully will finish them a bit quicker.

    On a side note, my hubby finally told everyone to leave the house, so I could get some peace and quiet and finish this. lol

  3. Very nice work, Charity!!

    The handle is kinda flat...angle at top, could be more rounded, less angular and a more darker shadow under the curve area below it.
    Handles are very hard to get into perspective, it seems to be all in the shading and the roundness, so that it becomes forward facing (3D) rather than laying flat. Well done, Charity!!

  4. Thanks, JJ. :) The whole thing seems to be off some. :(

    Thanks, Ree. Yeah. I had a LOT of problems with that handle. I was even thinking of leaving it out. lol

  5. Charity I love this is beautiful .....


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