Thursday, July 23, 2009

Todays Paintings 23/07/09

I am sorry the quality of the pictures is poor.. All paintings are 5"x7" I forgot to take a photo of the framed one before framing. I don't know why the pictures look distorted?? They look perfectly alright in person. They will all be matted and framed the same, in these delightful wooden frames I picked up yesterday while I was out shopping..

I need to tend to the giraffes teeth, they are a little dirty :D


That giraffe, looks cartoonish in this photo, he doesn't in person. Go figure.. Must be the colour change in uploading, and bad photo.


  1. WOW! I like them a lot, JJ! You have been busy, hey!

    Love the giraffe expression! LOL
    Did you find the pic of the cherries, yet? I looked but found nothing...;)

  2. No I didn't. I have no idea where I saw that photo of the cherries sitting on the mirror.. It was so cool. Maybe it was one of the Free Domain images sites??

    I would buy some cherries and take my own photo, but have you seen the price of them :o and I don't eat them, I would have to throw them away.. :(

  3. Those are so cute..You've been painting your booty off, huh? I looked for you and found a couple of pics of cherries on a mirror at try there..?

  4. Thanks Charity I will..

    I need to paint heaps, there is a big day coming up at the market on the 9th August. I need a heap of work for it. I have around 6 paintings already, but I would like 40 more..

  5. 40 more??!!?? O.O WOW!! That's a lot of painting! Good luck with that. :)

  6. All gorgeous ....I wanna paint a giraffe now!!!!

  7. Thanks Anne. Thanks Charity. I have to tell myself I can do it, and try, that way I know I will make a huge dent in the number..

  8. I KNOW you can do it, and I know that they'll be great, JJ. :D And any of those giraffes you don't sell, just send this way...heck..the cherries,too...or any of it. It's all good. hahaha


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