Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Thingy from my PC room ..... hahaha

Well ....actually it's not usually in my PC room but today it was .........and there it goes sideways again .....dammit!!

Edited by JJ. All fixed.. I turned it the same way as you have it on wc.. :)


  1. This is really neat Anne. The angle you drew it from is really tricky. I actually thought it was upside down.

    I love the shading, you drew it in proportion. Way to go!!!

    Now go record a clip of your playing it, to show Kenny you can :-)))))

  2. This looks really good, Anne. Hmm..Im' thinking..I posted pics of my drawing area..does that count as the thing from my pc room? rofl

  3. Cool drawing, Anne!
    I actually have one of these around somewhere...maybe, we could play a on the Whistle and me on the Bodhran, if I had one i.e. !! LOL Love percussion instruments!


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