Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Kneadable Eraser

Since I don't actually have an art room, I looked around my desk (which is where I draw) and found..what else?...my kneadable eraser that I play with when I'm thinking. It happened to be in a snail shape this time, so I left it as is and drew it. I change it's shape daily. lol And since I had to use it to pull out the highlights, it no longer looks like this. At the moment, it's a hat for my little wooden figure guy. :D


  1. Charity that is a great drawing. You gave me a smile!!!!! I will never look at my kneadable erasure the same way again..

  2. Thanks JJ. I'm glad I could make you smile. :) I never look at my kneadable eraser the same way. Yesterday it was bunny ears, the day before, a ring. lol

  3. HAHA! That's too cute, Charity! ;)))

    I have three pieces of eraser atm, used for different stages of my drawings... get's too messy if I have one big blob, as I'd be forever kneading it to keep it clean!
    Mine, well...one looks like a slug, another is a legless pig and the small piece is a little mouse!! ROTFLOL!!!

    I think we ALL KNEAD to get a life!!! LOL

  4. I think I knead my eraser more than I actually use it sometimes, Ree. I have to say, the only thing I'm worried about is the legless pig. haha

    You are too funny, Ree! :D

  5. I think it's been into your Vodka...!!! Hehehe!


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