Monday, July 13, 2009

And on the pretense of catching up (Day 31)

Woo Hoo! Finally. I'm all caught up. :D Now I can get back to work on the 'painting' in Colored pencils for Wednesday.


  1. Ok. I think I'm just going to stop scanning these things and take pictures instead. Mabie they won't be so grainy, because they don't look like this in real life. >_<

  2. I take photos myself..

    Nice tealight candle. Keep an eye on your ellipses..

  3. Great effort, Charity

    The bottom ellipse is off a bit, but an easy fix, though. I like the top one as it's in the correct position i.e. laying flat, well done on that, Charity!

    Yeah JJ, I agree. Photos are better than scanning as the scanner seems to 'white out' the pic too much!!

  4. Thanks JJ and Ree. The bottem ellipse IS off, but I didn't notice it until I uploaded it. Go figure. lol I'll work on fixing that. :)

  5. Looking at your drawing in the mirror you will see if something is off, as well as looking on the computer screen.

    We seem to be looking at our picture with a difference view and the mirror/computer are great tools.


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