Thursday, June 18, 2009

Eye Eye!!

After seeing the eyes already presented here I am reluctant to show mine!! ..... I tried one and didn't like it so then I tried the other one and it isn't much better so I am showing both to you ...LOL
Are you ready for this?! .... and no I don't have one eye bigger than the other nor do I have one eye lower down on my face than the other ..... well not that I've noticed anyway ....


  1. Well I think you did good and deserve top marks for drawing both eyes.

    I do think this is something you should practice though Anne, as you do paint portraits from time to time.

    Work on your eclipses, your iris is round, your pupil is round. Get Brian to take a photo of your eye, and study it. Check out the shapes and contours. Try this again and again,, you will get it right, I promise, if you keep practicing. Having said that, I posted mine in the Drawing and Sketching forum on WC and got a really good critique from Sparrowhawk (Ken)

  2. Great effort Anne!! I like the bottom one as the iris is pretty close to the right shape, just add some shading under the upper eye lid to give more depth to the eye. Well done, Anne! ;)


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