Saturday, June 13, 2009

The $10 Spoon

Hi all! Trying to figure out how to post here - thank you for the invite!

I bought a new set of Oneida flatware last year - service for 8. I liked it, and wanted to get more, but my husband nixed it. So I asked for a 4-place setting for Christmas. My daughter-in-law "borrowed" a spoon when she was over one time so she could match the pattern. In the meantime, we'd had a party, and when doing the dishes, I counted the flatware and was missing a spoon! I was pissed, thought someone threw it out w/the trash and plastic spoons. So, I ordered ONE spoon to replace it. It was $6.99, plus shipping, total of $10. Hubby just shook his head, "who counts their spoons?" LOL - then I found out the rest of the story on Christmas day...

I tried drawing it twice, and obviously need a lot of practice. Used a 6B pencil.

I'll try to participate as much as possible... thanks again!

Mary Lou


  1. G'day and welcome Mary Lou. ;)
    I like how you have drawn the front and the back of the! Well done, Mary Lou! ;)
    I have trouble with getting values right when's not easy when you aren't doing it every day, so, we can all do with some daily practice!!
    Great spoon story, BTW! LOL
    A lot of my cutlery has gone missing over the years and the culprit has been my hubby taking spoons, knives etc. to work and somehow they just never make it back home again! LOL

  2. Good story! It's his fault. Had he not given you a hard time about buying more there would have been no need for one to go missing.

    I like your vine, and your bowl is a nice ovoid. Do 'um again crossing them. Simplify. Making dueling vines as handles, yes.

    I'm working on a face but had to take a 3 hour break because an amazing movie was on Ovation--about a woman's descent into madness. It was Peter Falk and the amazing woman actor is a name I forgot already.

  3. Mary Lou welcome aboard!!! Super drawing, and story :D

    Pretty pattern on the handle..

    You need to use a number of pencils to get your darks, I asked in the Drawing forum what the folks used their and one guy said 4 to 6B. I haven't been back this morning to see if there were any other replies.

    This drawing a day is going to be great for all of our, improve our skills untold!!

    I am about to draw my cup

  4. Hi Mary Lou and welcome! Great spoon story and great first post .....looking forward to seeing more of your work!


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