Monday, May 18, 2009

Heron Challenge

Late I know, but I told ya'll that I was catching up. Tonite I start the Momochrome challenge.

This is 8X10". acrylic on Canvas.

You know I said I'd never do another pointy painting, but I was in the mood to play. I tried hard to combi9ne colours to get another, but no way I could get brown easily. I went back to the Surat he3ad shot and blew it up and discovered to my dismay that he used fair amounts of yellow ochre and raw umber, in various mixes to get his overall colours. He used blue dots for the chin shadow and green and red in the hair to make it blackish.

But I wanted to try this one since the composition was simple. Unfortunatly the bird's bum kinda disappeared in the ground, it was not easy trying to get a greyish on the sand. I should have made the sand darker around the bird.

And this is what I did to the gift for my wife on our ninth anniversary (this week) I put two photos together and she is further back tahn me and JJ, the thing on my lap is a camera bag. 16X20" acrylic on canvas.


  1. Have you given this to her yet? Here are ssome things I see. You have told me you are looking for realsism in your portraits, so here goes..

    Why do you look crankly, you are frowening. Turn your eyebrows up and give yourself a smile to go with your wifes.

    Your foot is too small.

    I would show more of your left arm, as you look extremely uncomfortable sitting there.

    Please lighten the roots of your wifes hair, she looks like she is ready for a new dye job. :D

    Her right forearm is too short, and her hand is too small. Looks deformed.

    She has a beautiful smile.

    Put a tiny greyed down white highlight in each eye.

    Lengthen her fingers on her left hand.

  2. Your Heron!

    I love it. Very stylised, not at all realistic. Super!!!!!

    I hope this one is hanging on your wall!!!!!!!

  3. I love the heron ....very different but lovely Mackb!! ...and your portrait is beautiful ....what a sweet thing to do for a gift to your lovely wife!!

  4. Sweet, I guess. I am always trying to show her I care, but she is already saying enough paintings already. What do I do now?

    I'm afraid to paint bigger pics since I have no home for them and the market up in Timmins is nearly nonexistant. I do hope to put together a body of work I can then take to another city for show and or sale.

  5. You got room under your bed? Keep painting, paint one a day, like the blog states. Gut up some plywood or masonite boards, 8"x8" paint on them one a day. You can't help bu get better is you keep painting, and you could always open an ebay store and sell them.

  6. Nice work on the Heron, Bruce! It is hard to keep the shape of the objects. I think a solution would be to paint the outline of the object first so you don't loose the shape.;)

    That's so nice of you to paint you wife into the picture too, Bruce. ;)
    There are a few of things that are bothering being your hat is too small, it could be widen on the crown so that it's level with the side of the head. Also, your shoulders could be more squarer and broader...they are sloping from the neck area. And finally, your left leg looks wooden because it has no form i.e. straight up and down.

    There are a few links that may help you, Bruce

  7. Thanks guys for your good crits this time. I got lots of good crits on this one, so I guess that means this one was a lot more lfawed that most of mine, eh? :-}


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