Monday, April 20, 2009

Oh what fun I had doing this .....

Yes was fun and especially so because it was on Saturday night and I had a couple of drinks in me at the time .....that explains why it isn't as good as JJ's or Rees ...... next time I will do a more sober one .....I bet you all can't wait ......
5" X 4" acrylic on paper .....


  1. Barrels or drums in the sunlight?

    Cotton reels? That is definitely sun hitting them, yes?

    Whatever it is I like it and now I know what I did wrong with mine, I left out the liquor! Damn!!!!

  2. It was meant to be The Giants Causeway Rocks with water splashing up behind them .....mixed with a splash of vodka .... LOL

  3. Ok I would never have guessed that.. still it is a neat painting..

  4. By the way vodka is my drink too.!!! Yuuu-ummmm!!!

  5. Vodka! Two more Chelsea Lately fans! Good on you, Anne for the making. Looks interesting and wish I'd been there to cheer you on.

  6. Sounds like pointilism works best with a splash of alcohol...hmmmm...

    It's very, uhhh, colourful...

    Don;t feel bad, I didn't even get mine done...yet.

  7. I see...jumping penguins!!!LOL
    As for the rocks, I think I might need a drink or two or three...just kidding Anne!! lol

    A good try though...I think we all need to practice this technique more !;)

  8. Anne, just wondering, you said you used paper...was it watercolour or drawing/cartridge paper??


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