Sunday, April 19, 2009

To Market To Market

What a long day. Up at 4.00am, at the market at 6.30am set up stall by 7.00am, and I didn't get home again until 5.00pm. I sold 3 small canvas' a couple of paint brushes, didn't cover my site fees again. Just as well I am forever the optimist. :-))

I took my paints, and some small canvas boards. 8"x 10" and 3"x 3" I think they were. I sat there painting all day. I painted frogs, They sold, and I painted pelicans. A couple of seagulls. I think I made about 8 paintings all up. Made the day go faster, and all good practice. Gave me some idea's for more paintings too. I know have a couple of big paintings in mind.

No Photo's today, I didn't even think about it.. Weather was great today, no wind, no rain, and I didn't have to stand there holding the gazebo for dear life, like the last time. I laugh every time I think of holding that darn thing up, and it was collapsing in on me anyway. This new one is tons stronger!!!

So that was my Sunday.


  1. Oh, you want to make big ones because they don't sell and the little ones you painted did? Have I got that right, my friend. I'm laughing here because I think you are too worn out right now to see the irony in that. I want you to keep going too, but with small interesting things that people will buy. Eventually you will make your nut, and eventually you will turn a profit. Please, forget big ones until someone asks you to make one with a 50% down, non-refundable deposit.

  2. Oh, I am laughing out loud, yes you are right. I am only painting little ones for local sale. I promise..

    I should have said for the competition I am entering. I am going to enter the RNA exhibition. I can put in 3 paintings. I have one, another half done, but it is the same as the first one, so maybe not, and then I need one more. I am painting these ones in oils. If they don't sell, they sure will look good on my walls, but hey, if I don't enter, I will never win..

  3. Congrats on the sales JJ ....maybe things will take off now!

  4. Right-o, keep making those littles. Do exactly as you did today and establish yourself as such. You could get repeat business-a mom with a kid wants a frog like his brother got, etc. Or the kid next door. I think it excellent that you did that!!

    Oh, for a competition. Yes, they should have similar style so they look like a body of work from the same artist, but different subjects. Different techniques, too, if you can swing it. Wish you were here, I could show you some mixed media using fluid acrylics. I think your style of painting would adapt to it swell.

  5. Go JJ go JJ, you are doing the right, but painful thing. Andy is right, if you have astall in a mall, you are there to sell to the public so you have to paint what the public wants.

    As you establish your presence and your reputation, people will come to you for commissions and word of mouth advertising the best kind.

    Besides, like you say, you get time to paint. Good luck on your show. Mine is in Sept.

  6. Oh, and thanks for moving the world clocks, much appreciated.

  7. Thanks for the encouragement guys, I really do appreciate it.

    I don't get depressed, or disheartened really,just a little frustrated that this venture is still coasting me money.

    Ree will tell you about my tenacity. I don't give up hey girlfriend.

    I have heard so many comments about those darn frogs and I was thinking of painting more 10"x12 and 12"x16" frogs, so that is what is on the agenda this week.

    I need 90 paintings to fill up the walls of my stall. I am 3/4 of the way there.

    If you want to hang in my stall you are welcome, just send your work to me with a price tag..

  8. Bruce, you said the right and painful thing. The latter is right. I was in so much pain when I got home from the markets yesterday I was shaking all over. I didn't even unpack the car, just my lunch box, and I went to bed. I woke at lunchtime today, Monday, still in pain and still shaking, which surprised me. It shouldn't have, as this new gazebo is very heavy and it is a bitch to get in the boot of a hatchback on ones own at the end of the day.

    Never mind. I will be fighting fit again by next Sunday and I will sell more I just know it. I have the passion, and the reason to make money, just got to convince the poor empty pocketed public they need to give me what little they have got.

    I am forever the optimist.

  9. You'd make a good Toronto Maple leaf fan (hockey) or a Chicago Cubs fan (baseball).

    never give up your dream, never. don't let teh @#$$ get you down...


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