Saturday, April 18, 2009


I paint mostly in watercolor. I do some work with acrylics but get frustrated being unable to blend smoothly so I don't do much in that medium,  unless it is on furniture. 

I make portraits, and I'm learning so I appreciate if a person wants to give me tips. I don't have a clue as to how to make a tree, or a sunset, or even an animal. And that is because I am not interested. I just want to study the face, the emotion of a face and portray it. I also have to paint clothing so folds is something else I am studying. 

I don't always get a likeness in a portrait and usually I don't care.  But, I am studying planes of the face because I want to make a better product. The shadow is what makes the likeness. You have a shot at a decent portrait if you understand the bone/muscle structure of the face, but the likness factor is in the shadows or color values. If you are trying to make a likeness from a photo that clearly does not show values, you might as well forget it is what I say.

I  like to do stuff for fun. It's all about having fun with me and I haven't offended anyone yet and hope I never do  because that's not what I am about. I don't go to shows, or advertise a website or anything of the sort, so everything I have ever sold is word of mouth. 


  1. Hello and welcome Andy! *wave*
    I'm looking forward to your portraits and interacting with you. I'm sure you won't offend anyone...;)
    We're just a friendly bunch of people who like to paint and learn how to do different subjects and most of all, have fun doing it!!;)

    BTW, is it a self portrait?? Love the ears!! ;)

  2. Hi Andy and Welcome!
    I would love to be able to paint portraits so hopefully I will learn from seeing your work. I am sure you will be an asset to the blog!

  3. Welcome aboard Andy!!!

    Your portrait looks a lot like Ree and a younger age, minus the ears of course ;-)) (I am ducking now)

    I hope I learn a lot about portraiture from you, even if I am painting in oils and acrylics at present the theory is still the same, the colour is still the same, and the planes of the face are still the same. You can be as harsh as you like with my pictures, I love a good harsh critique! We all do, even if we prickle, we learn from them.

  4. Thanks for warm welcome ladies. No Ree --laughing--, it is not a self-portrait I am a beautiful red-head, old but beautiful still. Usually I put hats on people but this one has earned her ears. It doesn't look like her because the eyes are wrong. And that's what a portrait is: a painting with something wrong with the eyes...or mouth...or nose, etc.

    Sooner or later everyone gets mad at me. I mean no harm but i am outspoken. I'm working on it.

    Anne, I can recommend so books if you like to study. The one I just bought yesterday is "The Artist's complete guide to Drawing the Head" by William L. Maugham. I bought it on Amazon for $10 plus shipping. Looks good enough to eat!

  5. Ok Andy, I'm mad at you now...there, satisfied?? lolol Welcome to the group, nice to have a pretend artist with us, I mean a watercolourist....just teasing, put down that knife...Oh, and make sure you don't crit JJ too harshly. She won't swear, she cries easily tho...hehehehehhehehe

    My first thot Andy when I saw this pic in my email was, "Who is sending me a painting of an elderly Vulcan in a Star Fleet uniform?

    But then I realized it was an elfin Andy, our newbie...Nice to have you here...Wow, Our very own elfin princess working with us...

  6. Oh yes, and likeness in portraiture is all that matter. You have correct everything, but if it doesn't look like the person, what's the point. Fun is one thing, but professionalism matters too and it is a choice to do better than getting paint on a canvas.

    Trust me. I have done some paintings of my family and they are dismissed as "nice" if they are not accuratly giving you the likeness of the person.

  7. andy, don;t get me wrong. I am not trying to insult you and I'm sorry I sound too harsh about painting. I love it too, but I don't speak or type so well. No insult was intended. I apolgize. I will keep my mouth shut and fingers quiet.

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  9. And JJ thot you would be hurt by my comments. I didn't mean to offend, but I was speaking my vacous mind...however, I do believe in getting the likeness.

    As to watercolours, I am impossibly incompetent. I have indeed goone back to basics as you suggest. As JJ. I was an oil painter adn an abstract, impressionist, that is to say, I couldn't draw to save my life. I was working ourt of my mind instead of using solid basics of drawing and painting.

    So I put away the oil to work with acrylics (what was I thinking?) while I worked off photos or still lifes at the art club here. I had to learn the hard way and as I stumble my way through portraits and other forms, I am learning a lot.

    JJ has been very helpful and very encouraging and it was JJ who took me out of WC to join her little clutch of ladies.

    Am I brand new? No. But do I have lots to learn. of course. I have seen the new style of portraiture with varied colours as you mention.

    I guess it's a matter of intent when you paint isn't it? I was under the impression that when you paint a face, it's to get the likeness corrrect, not photographic maybe, but a likeness.

    Otherwise, why paint a face? I can paint a face and get an anonomous person, but the challenge, for me anyway, is to see the person I spent the time with on my canvas...

    I really do thrive on feedback and banter, and I will enjoy your input, that is , if you're still talking to this "rookie".

  10. ? Otherwise, why paint a face? As i said, to make a piece of art.

    And JJ was right; I was offended by your comments.

  11. Well, I apologize again for said comments. I will tone myself down considerably.

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  13. The warnign about JJ was humour, but Shake and go back to our respective corners for another round of sparring.

    I never mean any malice, I'm the guy in teh group which makes the neandrathal after all...

    Do you ever work with acrylics?


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