Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Something easy .....

An apple should be easy right? .....not so easy at all .... pastel pencils 4" X 3"


  1. An apple is as easy as you make it woman. Pastel pencils, well I am going to try my luck with mine now.

    They are student grade, so I doubt it will be much good. I am fast learning one needs artist grade in pastels too.

  2. Looks pretty tasty to me...but I could just be hungry. :)

  3. Things that you think are easy to draw, usually end up being the hardest! Pastels aren't the easiest to master either but a least you are having fun trying, hey, Anne!!

  4. Very well done Anne! You have the colors perfect!

    The pastel sticks are easier than the pencils. With the pencils you are forced to draw...with the sticks you can just block in color for what you are doing and easily change the shapes to make the object look like you want it to. I love the pencils to draw animals though...their fur looks very realistic with the pencils.


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