Friday, August 21, 2009

My Painting for Today...Pelican

Pastel...9X12 Wallis Trying to take a drab photo and turn it into a colorful but believeable painting.


  1. Beautiful, Linn! Looks believeable and very colorful to me. And I love that water with the reflection!!

  2. Certainly more colourful, than our blck and white pelicans.

    Looks good Linda, so neat to see you still creating.

    If you can sraighten up his beak, he would look even better.

    I really love the reflections in the water.

  3. Linn ....this is really beautiful and the water looks so wet!!

  4. Thank you! I did straighten up his beak right after I took the picture...had to use a pastel with an edge instead of a unison there in that area. If it was a nature study I couldn't have gotten away with changing his color but since it was just for fun it didn't Today is WDE day on WC...hope they have some photos I like.

  5. I thought WDE stood for Weekend Drawing Event?

    Oh it is Friday night here, so they post the images on Friday mornings now? How strange..

  6. Usually by the time I get up on Friday the images have posted...sometimes not until later in the day but on Fridays.


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