Saturday, August 15, 2009

My Painting for Today...A Cow

I haven't painted in a week. Deicded to get out the watercolors this morning and paint something. Landscapes aren't my thing...I never do good on them. I prefer to paint animals, people, etc.


  1. Linn, I like your cow but I like your "landscape/background " too. It just somehow seems to fit.

  2. it does, it fits. Bossy is clearly looking towards home hoping someone is coming to relieve her right then and there.

    I'm with you though, difficult for me to get into anything other than the face. I work a bit on figures but that's forcing myself. The less time I have to work the less interest I have in learning other subjects.

    Are you dedicated to a single media, too? I'm stuck right now on Graphite, or more particularly Pastel pencil.

  3. Fookie...I am very stuck on one medium. I do like graphite (which surprises me) but my favorite is pastel. Don't know why...they are messy and dusty and everything I do that I like I have to staple it with wax paper to store it. I like pastel pencils also but for larger areas the sticks work better. I combine the two sometimes...especially if I am doing animals...the pencils work so good on fur and eyes. I'm thinking of getting a larger set of hard Nupastels...I thought I hated them but discovered I liked them because I can use them on sketch paper with ease.

    One of the reasons I think I like pastels is no clean up and if I feel like leaving the pastels out for days or weeks I can. I hate having to wash brushes and pick up my mess when I am painting or through with painting.

    I try to do landscapes but all of those trees, grass and greens get to me. When I first started painting I did oils (Learned the Bob Ross style) but after awhile I got so bored. you know...oh how lovely another tree painting...yuck...boring! I love painting faces and animals. I like figures also. Always different. Oceans, marine scenes and deserts are okay also but a full time diet of them I would get bored.

  4. Very nice Linn...she makes me smile!

  5. Super cow, perfect stance for a painting.

  6. Linn, I love the cow. The background looks great with it, too. :)


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