Monday, August 24, 2009

Lake View

Landscapes are not my thing so I decided to do this one this week for the WDE. I always have problems with trees. 9x12 Pastel


  1. This is lovely Linda. I am not sure what that structure is, in the lake, the image is a bit small for me see.

    I am glad you are painting.

    Charity, what are you up to woman?

    WE know what Anne is up to, she is gass-bagging of course hahaha.

    Ree, come on woman get those pencils and or brushes out..

  2. The structure is supposed to be one of those docks you swim and jump from in the water. Thanks JJ...trying to paint or draw real often. Ordered a new drawing book that's supposed to help with creativity.

  3. Wow, Linn. Landscapes are DEFINATELY your thing. This is so pretty!

    Sorry JJ. My hubby was helping a friend fix his car, and insisted I go too. So, I've not been home all weekend. I'm finally home and it's quiet again. Thank goodness. lol

  4. Well he did the right thing insisting you go to, got you out of the house, and in a different environment. I hope you are feeling refreshed and inspired now >)

  5. Linda, I wondered if that was what it was. You succeeded, then as it did read like that to me, but I needed to ask..

    What is the title of your book?

  6. my opinion I failed with the trees and the water...when I put in my little lines like ripples they look like little lines not ripples and the uniform with shapes and know that is why I quit watercolor landscapes...the trees...never satisfied with them. The book is about how to look at something and not be a slave to copy it I to unleash your imagination and be creative and choosy with what you see. The title is "Keys to Drawing with Imagination: Strategies and Exercises for Gaining Confidence and Enhancing Your Creativity"
    We shall find out if it is what I am expecting. It should arrive in a few days.

  7. If you look hard at the ripples in water, you will see, that they are mostly very small triangles or upside V's. Waves are upside down V's Solid V's

    That book sounds great. I look forward to you posting your exercises as you work through them.

  8. Very well done, Linn!
    You paint pastels very well...I'm afraid I don't have the patience as I like the spontaneity of watercolours!

  9. Thank you...I like watercolors also but get frustrated when I try to paint forests. I like acrylic also but with pastels I have basically no clean up.

  10. Linn....I think you have done very well ....your trees have lots of different shades of green and the water looks wet and inviting .....


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