Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I'm Sorry Gals

I've been kinda in a funk the last few days. My kids are on their way to Arkansas to stay with my parents, we're still trying to figure out when we're supposed to move, and I've been sleeping half my days away. I've not gotten anything at all drawn since they left, and honestly haven't had the concentration to do anything. I have ideas for things to draw, but can't seem to sit still long enough to draw them out, so I just write them down on paper to keep them fresh. It's so quiet in here since the kids left, and I think that's part of the problem...I'm not used to it. lol I'm going to make myself draw something...even if it's crappy...for the next few days. Hopefully, that'll pull me out of my funk. I just wanted you all to know that I haven't forgotten any of you, and I miss you all.


  1. Charity're missing your kids! (((HUGS))) ...what age are they?
    Yes ...draw something ...anything will do you good!

  2. My daughter, Haylie, is 8 and my son, Seth, is 6. Yes, I miss them terribly and they've only been gone for a couple of days. :(

    I try to draw, and just can't get into it. Hopefully, me drawing SOMETHING will change that.

  3. What a sweet age ....why not try a portrait of one or both of them seeing as they are probably on your mind all the time?

  4. I wouldn't even try that today, Anne. Great idea, though. Today, I'm just full of anger and not really sure where it's coming from. I just feel like screaming....or crawling back into bed to escape the world. lol

  5. I think we all get days like that Charity ... hopefully tomorrow will be better for you......why nor take yourself out for a long walk and get your head cleared?

  6. Soon you will all be together again. Know it is hard not to miss them but call them often and hear about their will make you feel better.

  7. Thanks for the suggestion, Anne. I did take a walk, and it did help some. I'm less upset than I was before. :)

    Linn, I think the only time I really feel good anymore is right when/after I talk to them..and they've only been gone for a couple of days. lol

  8. ((((((((((Charity))))))))))

    Take a walk a day. Take your camera.

    Try sketching their favourite things.

    Try and make a special drawing for each of them that they can hang in their rooms in their new home.

    Hang in there........

  9. I do take a few walks a day (I have 2 dogs that need to go out), but today I took one just me and my puppy (who I don't have to have on a leash), so it was a bit more relaxing. I went up to the playground by my house and just sat and watched Caius play. It was really nice and quiet and just me. :) Made me feel a bit better.

  10. Lots of (((((HUGS)))))to Charity!

    When I feel down, I get the vacuum cleaner out, crank up my stereo to 'blast' with my favourite CD and to hell with what neighbours think and have a does pick you up, although you may be deaf for a couple hours!!!LOL

    Take care sweetie ;)

  11. Glad you are feeling a little better Charity .... you are just being a normal mum who misses her little kiddies...
    Hey Ree .....I shall try the "the vacuum cleaner method" out today!! ....

  12. Hmm..deaf might be a good thing, Ree. :) And my floors could use some I might actually try that out today.

    Thanks for all the hugs and ideas, ladies. :) I am feeling much better today, so hopefully I'll be able to concentrate on drawing something..anything. :)

  13. I HAVE been drawing. Not realistic type stuff, but I really have been drawing. I'll post what I've got once it's done. I'm not sure why, but I really love graphite! It's so much fun to play with. lol I should be done with my...odd a day or two. Then, hopefully, I'll be able to get back to the roadrunner I was working on. :)

    JJ, are you feeling better today?

    Ree, how's your mom? And have you taken a rest?

    Anne, I hope to see some more of what you've painted. :)

    Linn, Fookie, I miss you gals. :(

    Colleen, I don't see you much. What have you been painting? I'd love to see some of it. :D

  14. Good to hear that you are feeling in better form Charity ...can't wait to see what you have drawn!

  15. Charity, I don't feel better today, so I made another appointment for the Dr, I go around 5.00pm

    Anne good luck with your exhibition g/friend

    Ree, hugs to your mum from me every time you see her. Rest your back!!

    Colleen, you have been quite girl, have you painted your roses yet?

    Linda loving that pelican, so glad youa re painting.

    Fookie can we see your latest portrait please?


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