Thursday, August 27, 2009

And I Really Have Been Drawing....

I promise. :) Well, sketching really. While my hubby had me hanging out over the past weekend, I did some quickish sketches. That and while we were at the emergency room waiting to be seen for my hubby's newly fractured pinky toe. lol At home, I've been working on that giraffe, but it's not making me anyhow..I guess I should actually post some of the sketches. hehe

The hand was the first. I spent probably close to an hour and a half on it. I used my own hand for this..but added a bit more nail. No, it's not the best, but the light kept changing and started annoying me. lol

The foot came next. I was wearing socks and shoes, so I couldn't see my foot, and just kinda guessed where everything went. Looks a bit cartoonish to me. hehe

The face (or half a face) was last. This was done out of pure boredom while waiting for my husband to be called back by the doc.


  1. Well haven't you been having fun. You put me to shame, becasue since the elephant I haven't drawn anything for 2 days..

    You should have drawn you foot with the shoe and sock on too.. :-))

    How on earth did hubby break his pinky toe.

    I didn't try that giraffe, it didn't really inspire me, as it had not proper light source, no shadows. I could have made some up, but not for the challenge, as then I would have been told I didn't follow the reference lol..

  2. I spent way too long being bored, JJ. lol There are 3 or 4 pages of sketches I did that I didn't post. I tried eyes, another foot..and more eyes. haha When there is absolutely nothing to do, I sketch. I haven't finished a drawing in awhile, though.

    Well, hubby was tipsy and walking fast through the house (probably to get more alcohol) and barefoot. He accidentilly kicked the small steam cleaner we have....hard. He fractured the bone fairly badly. I know it has to hurt, but because of the way it was done, I tease him. :)

    I don't think I'm going to finish the giraffe. Once I got it all drawn out, I realized that it would be easier to draw by shading around it. I started it off too dark and it has a shrek ear...:( I think you're allowed to do anything you want to the images. The main thing is the practice. :)

  3. Your drawings are fabulous Charity! I like them all.

  4. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaw poor hubby. hahahahaha I would have teased him too! Don't let him forget it lol.

  5. I definately won't, JJ. He keeps saying that he's going to need a "pinky transplant". He's better at teasing himself than I am, though. lol

  6. hahahaha.

    I can feel for him though. I broke my 4th toe and boy did it hurt for quite some time.

  7. Great drawings Charity have been busy!!


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