Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Painting under the influence of energy drink. Not for the faint hearted.....

That BHIP stuff is pretty powerful, if it can spark me up when I am sick, and I really am sick, imagine what it would do for someone not sick.. I painted these two paintings today both 12"x16" on double gallery wrap. I got a bargain last time I went to the Art Shed. I bought a box of 20 for less than the cost of the cheapies I was buying.. Pity I didn';t have enough money for two boxes..I should not have painted two picture, I am nuts as now I feel like death warmed up again. I didn't draw, as it is harder to draw than paint, I have to think to draw, and my brain was out to lunch....


  1. These are very good JJ...back to poppies and shoes, hey!! Glad you got some painting done, anyway...;)

  2. Exactly as Ree said, surprised to see you did all this work. The backgrounds could use some sparking up, but that's likely the computer monitors.

  3. Well, JJ, you may be sick, but you're painting is still great. :D

  4. There is no stopping JJ ....even when she is sick!!! lovely work!

  5. Thanks Ladies. I am surprised too, that energy drink really gave me bounce. I felt so much worse when it wore off though, and I feel like crap this morning.

    The yellow background is Process?Primary yellow, I have no idea why it shoes that yukky colour on the shoes.

    The poppies have a very deep green/blue background, and it doesn't show up either. Very vibrant in person.

    I doubt I will be painting today, unless I have another sachet of that energy drink. Not sure it is worth it, the headache I had yesterday afternoon and last night, was horrendous.


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