Friday, July 31, 2009

Looks Like...

...crap right now. lol Ok, so this is what I've been working on. I don't have it nearly even close to finished yet. Not even halfway. I was going to wait to show you all, but I got antsy. hehe
So, here's the first stage. It's a 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner..well, actually, it's only the front bumper and front shadow of a 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner. But once I'm done, it'll be the entire thing. :) I've only got a basic outline of most of the car so far (lines are too faint to show right now).
Once I get it much much further, I'll post it for you all to see. :)


  1. Gosh Charity ....this is looking great ....I am excited to see where you take this one .....
    Good Luck with it!

  2. Me too, what ^ said. Lots of crome too

  3. Woo-hoo, what a big project. Way to go Charity!!!!

  4. Thanks, ladies. :D I'm honestly a little worried, since it's my first car it's my second. I tried this car before freehand and it came out HORRIBLE. So, I'm trying it again. :) I've gotten a bit further on it, but not near as far as I'd like to be. I'll post an update tonight.


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