Friday, July 24, 2009

A little something from my kitchen ...... it's that dreaded tomato again!!

A llttle one .....just to keep the "boss" happy ....hahahahaha
3" X 2" pastel pencils
...sideways again!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dammit!!!!!!! ....not my fault!!!!!!

I fixed it for you, Anne, only problem the text is in the wrong place!!! LOL


  1. But it's such a pretty dreaded tomato. lol Good job on this, Anne. :D

  2. Very good, Anne...looks like it's getting closer to the warm sunlight or maybe it's rolling away from the Smirnoff cos it doesn't want to become a Bloody Mary!!! Hehehe!
    I must get my pastel pencils out and do some drawings in colour! lol

  3. Ooo..Ree..I bet that tomato would make a GREAT bloody mary! Yum! :D

  4. Nice looking tomato Anne. Glad to see you are on your toes woman, and know who's boss rotflol..

    I don't ever remember having a bloody mary..

    Just a note, Ree, when you edit Anne's post, and I am glad you did :) just add your name to the edit, so she knows who did it, and knows who to give kudo's to, and owes her undying gratitude too. You never know how she may thank you, or not lol


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