Monday, July 6, 2009

I'm back!!

I wasn't actually away but I just was very busy last week and had little time to draw the daily challenge but I see how well you lot are coming on with your drawings and I can see the benefits of drawing each day.
This one is on pastels ....not sure if we were meant to stick to pencils but they are kinda pencils?
I have used pastels very little as you will see ....
It is about 6"X 8"


  1. I love that banana! It looks so real. Nice job.

  2. Anne it is drawing so it counts :) Your banana looks wonderful, so real. I love he perspective too.

    The shadow is solid. Remember to vary the depth of the shadow, dark at the source, in this case the edge of the banana, and lighter as the shadow becomes longer, further away.

    Really look at your banana on the table top. look at that shadow. You will see it. To the untrained eye, the shadow looks the same tone, to the trained eye it doesn't. Look at all sorts of things around your house and when you are out on your walk. Look hard at those shadows, you will see the variations, once you get the hang of it.

    Look for colour too, shadows are not black in real life. They are a variation of the colour of the object, and those things surrounding it.

  3. Well done looks great for your comeback!! lol

    It's hard to get a sharp edge with pastels but you've done a great job on this, Anne!
    Love the detail on the banana, very nice. ;)


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