Sunday, July 12, 2009

And what I really need is...(Day 28)

Aleve...A nice headache medication. TOO many people here ALL the time. hahaha Only a few more days of drawings to catch up. :D


  1. By the way, I'm not that great at fixing my pics after they've been scanned. There are 3 different gradiations in the shadows, and it's not NEAR that grainy in person. My scanner picks up every white dot that happens to show through. So, sorry about the horrible quality. lol

  2. Great work on this Charity, you are doing very well with your drawings ;)

    To get a clearer picture to post, try setting your pic to grayscale in your photo a treat!

  3. Thanks, Ree. :D I've been scanning my drawings, and my scanner pics up EVERYTHING and makes it look so very grainy. I tried cleaning it up digitally, but it didn't work so well. I'm just going to start taking pics with my camera and going from there. Hopefully, the grainyness will go away. haha

  4. Your welcome, Charity ;)

    What brand of camera do you have? I use a Canon Powershot, works very well for what I need ;)
    A tip...when taking a pic, turn off the flash, as it will white out your drawing, good lighting is accentual, also

  5. Ree, I seem to have the same camera. lol I've been scanning my pics since they're small enough to do so, but I think I'm going to avoid that from now on since it really seems to get grainy from my scanner. I'll start taking pics and just changing the size before posting. :)

  6. Put your picture on the floor in natural light source. Stand right over the picture to take the photo.

    Crop out the unwanted floor and resize. Too easy. Changing to grayscale seems to be what everyone does.. So I read on the d&s forum..


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