Friday, June 12, 2009

Teaspoon ....easy peasy....LOL

Well that was what I thought ......until I started to draw it! I have been so used to drawing from photographs that I found drawing from life very difficult. I also see that I need to get some darker pencils ....after seeing the different values in JJ's drawing.
The sun was shining in on the table when I was trying this one and the dark shadow, from the teaspoon, looked lovely ..... I did this one quickly .....just before I headed out to linedancing ..... does that excuse me for submitting a drawing that leaves a lot to be desired? LOL


  1. Anne I am impressed.. Yes it is different drawing from life, I wouldn't say harder, just different. This is why I picked as simple subject for your fist drawing. Did you ever make that values tool I asked you too? 0 to 5 is good. You can use your values strips to check for your values in your drawings. These drawing are going to teach you to "see", and you will enjoy them the more you do, I promise.

    I only used a 2B pencil for mine, but I had to press really hard to get the darkest darks. I will hunt out my 4B pencil as well for tomorrows one.

  2. Great effort on your's too, Anne!!! Love the shadow!!Well done! ;)


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