Thursday, June 11, 2009

Tea Pots and Puppy

This is my effort, acrylic on Canvas, 8X10".

This is my new puppy, Scotia, to go along with our other similar dog, Nova. Being from Nova Scotia, it was alwys intended to have two dogs, it jsut took three years to find one of the same size and type. (Yorkie and Maltese and Yorkie and mini poodle.

Anyway, I wanted to show something other than plain kitchen things. Hope you like....

Why has everyone been so quiet of late?


  1. Methinks everyone is going to dis' the tea strainer hahahahaha. Cute Bruce. Book looks great, nice colour change. Sugar bowl needs more colour and straightening more. Practice your eclipses. Shadow the top of the teapot lid more.

    I am heading down to the studio soon..

  2. quit stalling girl and get it scat...

    It's easy to be the nag, eh?

  3. Bruce, I like your puppy and it leads me to ask. Did your family arrive in Nova Scotia along with Norman McLeod and his happy little band of Scots Highlanders? Cos mine did.

  4. Nice work on this Bruce and the puppy is so cute!

  5. Awwww ....Bruce the puppy is so cute .....


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