Sunday, June 14, 2009


Well here is mine. I smiled when I saw Colleen's, she had the same idea as I........
I drew mine at the Market this afternoon, and I am not happy with it. I took a photo of the set up, and I just may draw it again. I was having trouble seeing that paper. The sun was streaming in, and white paper, it was very glarey. I did not draw the detail of the strands of the string as well as I would have liked to. Still I did do it, and it took me half an hour to do..


  1. It is still a nice piece JJ ....good work on the shadows.....

  2. Not a bad effort JJ considering the circumstances
    I do like the shadows though and I'm sure it would have been a better drawing if you could have seen the subject in more subdue lighting. ;)

  3. Thank you ladies.. I just might try and draw it again to day if I get time. Off to draw that paint brush now.


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