Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Sponge Tree

I know, I know, I'm late. No excuses for the one who held your feet to the fire...oh, oh oh ouch....
This again started life as something else. I decided to mix real and surreal here. Acrylic on canvas, 18X30?


  1. I did some research on abstraction, before starting my painting......

    DEFINITION - Abstraction (from the Latin abs, meaning away from and trahere, meaning to draw) is the process of taking away or removing characteristics from something in order to reduce it to a set of essential characteristics.
    In works in art, the object that remains is a representation of the original, with unwanted detail omitted. The resulting object itself can be referred to as an abstraction, meaning a named entity made up of selected attributes and behaviour specific to a particular usage of the originating entity.

    I don't think the flowers have a place here Bruce.

    Please explain your thought process and technique. :)

  2. Oh I forgot..........

    You wrote.. "This again started life as something else. I decided to mix real and surreal here." Why did you do this when you set an abstraction challenge?

  3. Just one question Bruce...did you plan your painting before you started??

    I'm also at a loss as to why you changed it to "mix real and surreal" when you posted an abstract challenge.....?!

  4. Well it is abstract, with some fleeitng bits of realism thrown in for contrast, an idea that didn't exactly work very well. And me who loves doing abstracts.

    The whole thing reminded me of a tree with a hazy background so I kinda got carried away. I messed you guys up on my last official assignment, oh well.

    I will say good bye for now, as I will be awaay a lot this summer and I will be up to my neck in committments so I will have little time for my art. I hate it when life gets in the way of art...

  5. I wish you well Bruce, enjoy your summer..

  6. Beautiful painting Bruce .....have a good summer!


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