Friday, June 19, 2009

My Flippin' Paintin'

I love my teapot .... especially when it has got some fresh tea in it .....but see trying to paint the flippin thing ......
Of course I sat in my kitchen to paint it and practically everything in my kitchen was showing in the teapot ....even me sitting trying to draw the darn thing .....I was complaining to Sinead and she said I should have set it somewhere else to paint it .....somewhere where there were not so many things to show in it you also have got a self portrait in this one ....can you see me? ..... no I didn't think so .....
I had a lot of difficulty doing this one and in the end I just got fed up and stopped ...... I need to get myself a proper rubber ......
Tea anyone?


  1. Woops's sideways ...the tea is gonna spill all over the computer ....quick JJ ......sort it!!!

  2. Try putting it upside down JJ might look better that way .....

  3. Hey give yourself 100 points for trying!!!!!! I am proud of you for giving it a go. Go buy yourself a kneadable rubber.. and a Papermate eraser Stick. I have the thick one. I have seen them in two sizes, a thin one not much bigger than a pencil lead an a thick one about .05

    With the kneadable erasure, you can pull a little bit off, shape it to the smallest point to lift out the graphite. You dab it on the drawing and the graphite lifts, or gently wipe it across..

    As for your teapot, all you need is to darken some area's. The darker you go, especially if it is stainless steel I was told in the drawing forum the shinier your object looks. To get it darker, you have patience, and to keep gently overlaying the graphite.

    I was making the mistake of pressing too hard, now I am concious of that, and I just gently go over and over the same spot until it is dark enough.

    Oh, and I can see you!!!!!! Right there! See at the edge of the table/bench.. :-))

  4. This is the eraser stick I have. Dark blue exactly like this one..

  5. Thanks JJ ....I shall look online for one as I would need to go to a bigger town than here to get it ......

  6. If you can't get one, I will brig one and some refills with me, they are very cheap.

  7. I thought about drawing my kettle,then I looked at all those reflection and chickened out! LOL
    You've done very well, Anne, so keep on drawing as you will get better and better at it! ;)


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