Wednesday, June 17, 2009

ha ha ...... it was too hot in my bathroom!!

I went into my bathroom to draw my shower head but the heat didn't even let me start. The sun has been shining all day and it gets very hot upstairs during the day .... so I had to just go for a pic from the net ...... I can't believe that I am here in Ireland complaining of the heat and you Aussi chicks are complaining of the cold ......
I attempted this one twice but none of them are any good ...... my heart is in waterfalls at the moment ....mind you they aren't much better ......
I tried to do a shadow but it just looks like 2 deformed arms reaching out especially in the first one .....I tried rubbing it out but it just made it worse ...... hopefully my eye will look better tomorrow .......LOL


  1. You tried and that is the main thing. I am proud of you that you gave it a go girlfriend.

  2. Great effort was a tricky subject, and I think we all had some trouble with it. Buy yourself an kneadable eraser, doesn't smudge your drawings. ;)


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