Monday, May 25, 2009

Work in progress

This is what I am working on at present. Acrylic, gallery wrapped canvas 18"x18". I have the water done, now just need to put the boats in.. :-)


  1. I think the horizon needs to be a bit lighter as it's pretty much the same value as the foreground atm JJ, that's only IMO...I'm sure to be wrong in my observation! ;)

  2. What do you think now? Top picture...

  3. Beautiful JJ looked good before but it looks even better with the lighter horizon .....
    I want to paint water like that ......

  4. It's looks a little lighter...if it's lighter in person, my monitor isn't showing it atm. ;)

  5. Pictures don't look the same on different monitors, for sure. If I look at this on the desktop computer, it is a lot different. The foreground is darker and the background lighter than on my laptop.

    You will just have to take my word that it looks fine.

    I am covering the horizon with sails so it is a moot point anyway. :D

  6. No I didn't sell this painting, I have entered it into the RNA Exhibition. Great suggestions, and yes I would love to paint it again in different colours. I like the suggestion of the boat on the horizon line too.

    When I took this photo, and a few more with it, be were in dying wind. Within 5 minutes we were becalmed for an hour or more.. I am going to paint a becalmed picture too..

  7. You are doing so well with these boating pictures.I think you have found your muse, so to speak.

    I like the idea of selling the one painting as a portrait of the depicted boats, but think you should do another copying sails that you see in the harbor--look at different color combinations and find ones that are compatible. A potential buyer may see his own sail in there!

    How saleable would a becalmed picture of sail boats be? Is that something a boat's owner would want to be reminded of? If not, don't waste your time at this point in your career.

    I love the horizon line paintings. Just the calm (yes, be sure to separate the horizon from the sea (light,light,dark, dark or vice versa). I can appreciate the serenity of the one with the suggeston of the far harbor buildings, and the few white caps in the foreground.

    Good idea to show just a few whitecaps leading out to sea---would it be whale tracks? The Loch Ness monster? Who could say!!!

    I'm not going to edit this so if you need clarification, if something I said doesn't make sense, email me. K?

  8. Thanks Andy, and you are right of course, no-one would want a picture of their boat becalmed, it is embarrassing.

    Great ideas, thank you so much!!!


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